first international environmental tournament
Clean Games are ecological strategic games. We empower people to see the problems of environmental pollution through the game. We want to share our method with you because we believe that game form can be really efficient to bring new people to ecological issues.
What are Clean Games?
What is Baltic Clean Cup?
On September 21, in cooperation with Lets Do it, we will hold the first international environmental tournament - the Baltic Sea Clean Cup. All countries that are on the Baltic coast will take part in it.

At the tournament we use our mobile app and website. We combine all the games going on the same day in a large-scale environmental tournament. For the first time a similar Clean Cup was held on the World Cleanup Day on September 15, 2018. On that day 5,000 participants collected 98 tons of garbage.

Baltic Clean Cup will be hold in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and Germany. If you live in one of these countries, you can choose Clean Games as a volunteer cleanup format and join the Baltic Sea Cleanup Cup. To learn more, click the button below.

What we did since 2014

45'601 Participants
Participants can be of any age. To participate you need to register your team on our website, or simply by coming to the game.
930 tonns
Garbage disposed of immediately after the game. Separately collected garbage is sent for recycling.
603 games
Every one can hold ecologic game. Our methodology is distributed through a commercial franchise.
Project geography
Our project began in 2014 from a test ecological game in Saint Petersburg region.

In 2018 games were held in 207 cities and we reached international level. People from 7 other countries joint our project.

First one was India. Next one in Nigeria and Ukraine. Vietnam joined our project on the day after World Cleanup Day 16 of septeber.

And the last Games were in Japan and in India on JCI World Congress on 28 and 31 of october.

In 2019 games were held in Venezuela and China.
What's the value?
For people
Bring your friends and family and join the game. Sea garbage is a big problem, so you can make your seashore cleaner and have a lot of fun outdoors. Get ready to work hard and win real prizes. Entrance to the event is free. After the game celebrate with picnics and entertainment activities.
For business
Socially responsible team building for employees of your company. Become the image of a socially responsible company in your city. We offer for business:
— Conduct corporate and business-to-business Clean Games
— Become an official sponsor of public Clean Games
For government
Clean Games make more people involved with environmental volunteering. The competitive style creates fun incentives to collect more garbage. Participants are taught to separate waste collection, creating a new culture of environmental responsibility.

All of our events are coordinated with local governments. In 2017, the Year of Ecology in Russia, Clean Games received support from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives of the President.
Win Your Future
How to participate?
Baltic Clean Cup will be hold on 21st of September. You can take part as participant or organize your own ecological game. Also you can become our partner.
Follow the games on our site closer to 21th of September:
You can also became a volunteer and help the organizers. Don't forget to bring your friends and family :)
Anyone can become an organizer. Read the rules on our website. Write to us and we will provide you with a complete methodology.
Also take part in our Internship for organizers which
will hold in 16-19 May in Saint Petersburg!
Become a global project partner.
Advantages of Clean Games:
- real results
- good media coverage
- getting new socially useful connections
- helping us make the world better
Watch а video about our project :)
Draw attention of media to Baltic sea pollution

Involve more people in a cleanup

Get useful links with local business and authorities

You will get 1000 eu and our methodological support
Fill the form and we will contact you!
Registration form
If you have any questions, you can write us on e-mail
We completed an Internship
in Saint petersburG
16.05.2019 - 19.05.2019

It was 4 days of hard work. Theoretical course, practical part, a lot of acquaintances with like-minded people and emotions!

The interns received certificates and signed agreements, so they will be able to hold Clean Games. On September 21, they will be able to join the world cleanup day in an interesting and exciting form of Clean Games. Games in the Baltic region will become part of the Baltic Clean Cup.
So, let`s take a look how it was!
Participants of internship spent 4 days in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. Took part in seminar, knew from the inside how to hold an ecological game and signed an agreement to hold your own game on September 21.
We will tell you how to organize Clean Games from A to Z.

-Interaction with local community
-Interaction with sponsors and partners
Holding a Game
Take part in the organization of the game. It will be held on May 18 during the spring ecological tournament.

-Installation headquarters
-References to volunteers
-Communication with participants
-Contests on the game
Participation in City Quest
We will organize a cultural program for internship participants. You will get to know St. Petersburg with the city quest "Running City".

Partners of the Clean Games Baltic Cup
In cooperation with Lets do it, we held the Clean Cup on World Cleanup Day on September 15, 2018. On that day, 5,000 participants collected 98 tons of litter throughout Russia.

This year, on September 21, on the World Cleanup Day, we will hold the Baltic Sea Cleanup Cup together. All countries from the Baltic coast will take part in it.
Union of the Baltic Cities is the leading network of cities in the Baltic Sea Region with around 100 Member cities.

They will support our project during Baltic Clean Cup.
This is a private civil law foundation. Their objectives are the conservation of nature and protection of the environment in the Baltic Sea and its catchment area.

This foundation supports and funds our project.
The main goal of CCB is to promote the protection and improvement of the Baltic Sea environment and natural resources.

Being an international network organization, CCB has the advantage of being able to work both at the international and national policy levels as well as with concrete field projects.

Our contacts
+7 (921) 320-55-20
Russia, Saint Petersburg, Bumazhnaya Street 4
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